Mix & match services for a package deal! Contact me to discuss your unique needs.

Deluxe Consulting Package

This is the Big Kahuna: a complete 360 review and next-level visioning for your business. The package includes:

  • 30 minute intake phone call to plan scope of consulting package
  • 2 hour in-person meeting where we landscape your existing business model & clearly define future goals
  • Organization and project management strategies & technologies
  • Defined next steps with a follow-up call after the first round of tasks are done

Build Your Business

Build Your Business Plan with a Pro!

Want to quantify your budding business? I founded a business incubator and won a business plan competition while getting an MBA and a Program Management certification. I love helping people translate their work into business-speak!

Perfect Your Pitch 

It turns out investors are people, and they like being excited too - who knew? I’ll help your story capture imaginations by applying years of presentation and comedy training. I have personally hosted main-stage events including talent shows, panel discussions, and TedX Monterey.

Crush Your Crowdfunding  

Launching a startup is easier than ever with new crowdfunding platforms offering seed funding! But you still need a tight plan to meet your goals. I've helped successful crowdfunding campaigns that went on to have huge success!

Grow Your Business

Simplify for Scale  

​Do you offer a variety of services and price points? Do you want to simplify so you can scale your business? I have helped online and brick-and-mortar businesses refine offerings to make advertising and administration easier. Let’s simplify your life!

Set Next-Level Goals  

​​Do you want to grow your business? Whether it’s more press, clients or profits, you’ll increase your shot at success with a strong strategy. We will define your goals and break down how to get there - if you can believe it you can achieve it (by scoping outputs and desired outcomes)!

Sustain the Momentum 

Manage Your Projects

Are you struggling keep deadlines and projects organized? Do you need to improve your task management strategy (or just get one)? We can review your project management status quo and streamline your approach to save time and frustration!

Organize Your Knowledge

Is it hard to find what you’re looking for in a tangled web of Google/Word/Dropbox documents? Do you have a large amount of company information that’s imperative but also hard to access? Reduce staff frustration and rework with an information upgrade. Let’s create a central knowledge management system that fits your growing company’s needs!

Training Modules & Certifications 

Is your company working with sensitive information, for example financing terms? Do you want to make sure that your sales team has achieved a certain level of mastery before giving them live clients? I have created training modules that include quiz-based certifications for financial products and government incentive programs. Let’s work together to make sure your staff and customers are having a world-class experience!

Standardize Your Sales Scripts 

Does your company sell a product? Are your product engineers and sales team on different pages (or books) when it comes to selling your service? As sales teams grow many companies find new hires are setting poor customer expectations or misrepresenting technical information in their zest to sign new clients. I have collaborated with designers and sales to write technically accurate and legally compliant talk tracks that also sell deals!